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For almost thirty years Automotion Conveyors has been manufacturing the best quality conveyors the industry has to offer. Contact us today to discuss how Pro Handling Systems has provided many of it's loyal customers with quality Automotion material handling equipment.

Pro Handling Systems and Automotion Conveyors provide Distribution Centers and Manufacturing Plants with high quality, ultra-quiet conveyor systems.  Through the years these conveyor systems have helped large warehousing and distribution centers increase productivity; move products and materials faster, easier and more efficiently; and helped reduce noise levels below regulated standards.

Roller Gravity Conveyor

Belt Conveyor

Slider Bed Conveyor Roller Bed Conveyor Incline/ Decline Conveyor

Belt Driven Live Roller Conveyor

Adjustable Pressure Conveyor Transportation Air Conveyor Singulation Air Accumulation Photo Eye Accumulation
V-Belt Driven Conveyors

Shaft Driven Conveyors

Shaft Driven Straight  Curves & Junctions Photo Eye Accumulation

Right Angle Transfers

Sortation Conveyors
AutoSort 1 AutoSort 2 AutoSort 3 AutoSort 4
AutoSort 5 AutoSort 12 AutoSort 13  

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