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Span Track is the Proven Leader in Carton Flow Track. Span Track Installs Easily into ANY pallet rack. Requires NO SHELVES or intermediate supports. Provides High Load Capacity with Zero Maintenance. Full-Width Rollers deliver Superior Carton Flow.

Why chose Span-Track?   

Superior Carton Flow - Product always at pick face. No hang-ups or dead space.
No Tools Needed - Place hangers on beams. Add track. Nests between front and rear beams to maximize vertical space.
Hangers to Fit Any Beam - Available for step, structural and formed beams. Front hanger acts as a front end stop. Rear hanger absorbs shock of impact loading. Both have built-in label holders.
7-Year Warranty means Built to Last - Galvanized steel side channels, 3/4" diameter aluminum rollers require No Maintenance or Replacement.
Load Capacity up to 50# per foot
3' to 12' Lengths - Available in "to-the-inch" cuts. Lengths over 10' require intermediate support or use Span-Track 3D for extra load strength.
6", 9", 12" and 15" Nominal Widths - Actual width of track is 3/4" greater than nominal.

Used Span Track is very popular due to its excellent design and durability. Therefore its sells out very quickly contact one of our representatives regarding our current inventory of quality used Span-Track.

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