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Since 1964 Wireway/Husky Pallet Rack has been the manufacturer of material handling equipment, pallet rack, shelving solutions that are both superior and competitive. Wireway/Husky Corp. can assist you with your engineering needs. We offer the following services to simplify and complete you purchasing experience:

 Custom design of pallet rack system components to fit your needs

 Seismic design and review as requested to ensure that all components of your pallet rack system meet the seismic requirements at the location to be installed. This service is completed before quoting in material that is specified to meet seismic requirements

 Review and certify your warehouse storage layouts. (This review includes sealing your layout prints and supplying sealed calculations for the system by a Professional Engineer

Wireway/Husky's pallet rack has earned a reputation as some of the best available in the material handling industry. They're manufactured using the latest technology available and inspected throughout the production process to ensure quality and uniformity. The product line includes three kinds of pallet rack: TUF Rack, Invincible Rack and Reliable Rack. Although different, they do share some common features. All Wireway/Husky Pallet Rack is built using:

 14-Gauge Steel (Heavier Gauges Available)

 Pre-Drilled Foot plates for Easy Lagging             

 Closed-lip Bracing Channel for Added Strength

 Minimum 8" Clearance Between Bracing and Footplate for                Easy Installation.

 Polyurethane Paint for Long Lasting Protection

* Wireway/Husky Corp. also manufactures rack guard, wire decking, and all the accessories you need to make your pallet rack - shelving application efficient, safe and long lasting.

TUF Rack (Tubular Upright Frames)

TUF Pallet Rack is designed for heavy duty applications. Its tubular construction provides greater resistance to impact and torque, resulting in a longer service life.
Uprights are available with either 3" x 3" or 3" x 1-5/8" tubular posts.

The three-inch tubes would be for very high capacity applications.

The 3" x 1-5/8" is practical for applications with capacities greater than those of standard rack but not as much as three inch TUF Rack.

Invincible Pallet Rack

Our most popular pallet rack, Invincible Pallet Rack is constructed from roll formed "open-back" posts and features the same teardrop pattern as TUF Rack.

Post sizes are available in both 3" x 3" and 3" x 1-5/8".

Invincible Pallet Rack combines quality and cost and is the perfect solution for users with standard capacity needs.

Reliable Rack

Reliable Rack differs from both the TUF Rack and Invincible Rack in its post pattern.

It uses the "keystone" connector pattern.

This rack provides the same capacities as the Invincible Rack but can only use beams with the Keystone type connector.

It's the right solution for applications where existing rack is of the same type. 


All beams are constructed of continuous welded tubes. They are available in heights from 2.5to 6.0 in 1/2" increments and lengths up to 144". All beams from 2.5 to 5.0 are available is 16 gage steel.  5.0 is available in 14 gage steel. While the 6.0 is available in either 14 or 13 gage steel. Wireway/Husky can roll custom gages and lengths to meet nearly any application. Standard color on all beams is orange.

The beam connectors feature shaved rivets for ease in installation as well as a replaceable safety clip that can be changed when damaged.  Each clip automatically engages when beams are installed and are capable of withstanding up to 1000 lbs. of uplift without failure to ensure you have the safest system manufactured.  2.5 and 3.0 beams are   manufacture with a 2 pin 4" connector
 while all others feature a 3 pin 6" connector. 

All connectors will fit both styles of teardrop rack.  Custom connectors are available for seismic applications.

 Shaved Rivets for Easy Installation

 Self Engaging Safety Clips

 Custom Connectors Available for Seismic Applications

More Quality Wireway Husky Products

Wire Decks

EZ-Guard Post Protectors

Wire Partitions Rack Guard Folding Gates

Pro Handling Systems is also a distributor of heavy duty structural pallet rack.

Looking For Used Pallet Rack call for an up to date inventory.  

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